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eye healthIt’s never too late to be intentional about your health … including your eye health! This year, make the following resolutions to see clearer and feel better. And, fortunately, the team at Eyesight Associates is here to help! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Consider the following tips to increase your eye health in 2018:

Eat Right

Did you know certain foods contribute to healthier eyesight? When you choose healthy foods this year, remember to add leafy greens, eggs, salmon, oysters, and corn to your diet, as these foods will help your vision.

Rest Your Eyes

If you have a job that requires an extended use of screen time, rest your eyes after 20 minutes of computer use. It’s important to give your eyes a break by looking at natural light instead of LED light.

Use Your Sunglasses

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are incredibly damaging to your eyes. Even on a cloudy day, these invisible rays can affect your eyes. Wear your sunglasses often, and avoid looking directly at the sun.

Wear Eye Gear

Do you work in an environment that has sharp, bright, or falling objects? Or, do you play sports such as ice hockey, lacrosse, or football? Make it a habit to wear protective eye gear to avoid eye injuries.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is incredibly harmful to your eyes and entire body. Choosing to quit smoking will dramatically boost your eye health.

Wash Your Hands

Before putting in your contacts or touching your eyes for any reason, make sure to wash your hands. Any germs or bacteria that are on your hands will be transferred to your eyes which make for red, itchy eyes.

Exercise Often

If you are overweight, you have increased chances of developing diabetes. Diabetes can lead to loss of vision or other eye-related issues such as glaucoma. Exercise often and eat right to maintain a healthy weight.

Schedule an Eye Appointment

Did you know that your eyes can communicate if there are any underlying health issues such as high blood pressure or thyroid disease? When you schedule an appointment at Eyesight Associates, our team will be able to address any eye-related issues that you have.

Let us help you increase your eye health this year. Contact us today!