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Dr. Gayton performed my procedures and it was wonderful! Today my vision is perfect!
Kevin Easler | Truck Driver & Part-Time Student
Thank you, Dr. Gayton, for your professionalism, outstanding customer service, and most importantly, for giving me my eyesight ‘swag’ back!
AJ the DJ
I’m seeing better than I’ve ever seen in my entire life…Thank you, Dr. Johnny Gayton, for giving me my eyesight back.
Vance Shepherd | Radio Personality
He gave me my eyesight back!
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
I’m seeing like I am 25 years old again!
Diamond Dallas Page
We found that Dr. Gayton really cared about people… If you need to go and see expert people that care about you, Dr. Jonny Gayton in Warner Robins and his staff will do exactly what you feel needs to be done because he knows how to do it.
Polly Crawford | Wife of Cataract Patient
I have recommended Dr. Gayton and Eyesight Associates to my friends, my neighbors, my coworkers.
Jill Fleming | Cataract Patient
My whole experience with Dr. Gayton and the staff has been wonderful.
Bobby Rushin | Lasek Patient
Dr. Johnson did an amazing job of restoring my sight! This was the best medical decision I have ever made.
Very Happy Cataract Patient, Cataract Surgery
Life is brighter and better after cataract surgery. Thank you Eyesight Associates and the FVC team!
Jerome Murray, Cataract Surgery