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Dr. Johnny Gayton is regarded as one of the world’s leading eye surgeons. He has always been motivated by the scriptural admonition to do all things heartily as unto the Lord. His desire to do his best has contributed to success in school, championships in sports, successful children, speaking engagements, charitable endeavors, and surgical excellence.

Born and raised in rural Georgia, Dr. Gayton graduated with honors from North Cobb High School, the University of Georgia, and the Medical College of Georgia. In 1983, he became the youngest practicing ophthalmologist in the United States. That same year Dr. Gayton opened Eyesight Associates, becoming Houston County’s first full-time ophthalmologist. In 2000, he opened Houston County’s first accredited ambulatory surgery center. Eyesight Associates has grown to eight locations, one surgery center, ten doctors, one ophthalmic PA, and numerous staff members trained in ophthalmology.

Dr. Gayton is certified by the American Board Of Ophthalmology and the American Board Of Eye Surgery. He is a member of numerous professional associations, such as:

Dr. Gayton had experience in emergency rooms, anesthesiology, and general medicine prior to becoming an ophthalmologist. His contributions to ophthalmology include:

  • Developing techniques for glaucoma surgery
  • Side-approach cataract surgery to help decrease post-operative astigmatism
  • Improved refractive surgery techniques
  • Developed and improved the piggyback lOL procedure
  • Developed the technique of using femtosecond and Omidria-assisted cataract surgery

Dr. Gayton has written award-winning papers and three informative books:

  • The Crystal Clear Guide to Sight for Life
  • Refractive Surgery for Eyecare Para-Professionals
  • Maximizing Results: Strategies in Refractive, Corneal, Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery

He has also been a contributing author to many other books. Having given over 300 lectures, Dr. Gayton is a highly regarded lecturer and teacher by other eye professionals around the world. One of Dr. Gayton’s passions is caring for his patients. His concern for his patients has motivated him to spend years developing and learning better, safer ways of performing surgery. Dr. Gayton’s innovations have benefited those with glaucoma, cataracts, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.