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Your eyes are the window to your soul (or so they say). What we know to be true is that your eyes are the window to your overall health. Eyes have the ability to communicate when underlying health issues exist. That’s why scheduling an eye exam is so important!

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We don’t want you to live in pain, and you shouldn’t have to! At your eye exam, we will conduct a thorough exam to discover any health issues. Health issues that may appear through your eyes include high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, and others.

High Blood Pressure

When blood vessels in the eyes are torn or damaged, you may have high blood pressure. Many people find relief from high blood pressure by exercising frequently, eating nutritiously, and watching their sodium intake.


If the blood vessels in your eyes are leaking a yellow liquid or even blood, you may suffer from something called diabetic retinopathy. Severe cases may require surgery while mild cases may only require strict diabetes management.

Thyroid Disease

An indicator of thyroid disease is bulging eyeballs. This will cause the eyelids and eyes to become red and swollen.

High Cholesterol

Many people who suffer from high cholesterol have a yellowish tint in their cornea. This tint is caused by the cholesterol buildup in blood vessels. Fortunately, you can make lifestyle changes to reverse high cholesterol.

It’s vital to be proactive with your health care concerns. When you make an appointment with your eye doctor, he will conduct a thorough exam to see how healthy your eyes are. Additionally, he will be able address any concerns you have and discover any present issues. If any issues are found, we’ll help you on the road to recovery.

If you have eye-related concerns, it’s important to have an eye exam to get checked out. Contact us today!