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Eyesight Associates is in the business of helping people from all over the world have the best eyesight possible. That’s why we love the month of March, as it celebrates Save Your Vision Month! With the advance in technology and computer-related jobs, many Americans have careers that demand screen time.

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It’s important to take steps today to protect yourself from future eye problems, one of which being computer vision syndrome. Here’s how you can help your vision remain strong and reduce your chances of developing computer vision syndrome:

Correct Vision Issues

Vision issues such as astigmatism or farsightedness can contribute to negative symptoms while using a computer. Many people have reported frequent headaches, dry and itchy eyes, and blurred vision. By treating the root of your underlying vision issue, you’ll greatly minimize the negative effects of looking at a computer screen.

Fix Poor Lighting

Poor lighting can take many forms – lack of light, too much brightness, glares on the computer screen, and more. The issue with poor lighting is that it causes extra strain on your eyes. Your eyes will strain to see the information on the screen. You may not feel or notice the strain at first, but your eyes will feel the effects of straining over time.

Implement the 20-20-20 Rule

If you are staring at your computer screen for at least 20 minutes, you should give your eyes a break. Simply stare at something that is at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This gives your eyes a break from the blue light from the computer screen.

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