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Last month, we discussed the pros and cons of contact lenses. We understand that contact lenses aren’t right for everyone so, thankfully, eyeglasses are a great alternative! Let’s dive into the advantages and potential disadvantages of eyeglasses:

Eyeglasses Advantages

The advantages of eyeglasses are plentiful! Let’s dive into the many reasons why millions of Americans choose to wear eyeglasses every day:

  • You do not need to replace eyeglasses as often as you need to replace contact lenses.
  • Eyeglasses can complement your outfits, as you can replace frames or have multiple pairs.
  • Eyeglasses offer protection from dust, dirt, and other airborne debris.
  • There is a smaller chance of developing eye infections, as there is a reduced need to touch your eyes.
  • Eyeglasses are great for people who have sensitive eyes, as it does not require you to touch your eyes.

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Eyeglasses Disadvantages

Some people may not view the following as disadvantages, as caring for and wearing eyeglasses is a process to be learned. Consider the following potential disadvantages:

  • The weather can affect your glasses (i.e. cold weather makes them foggy). 
  • You may not like how they look on your face.
  • Eyeglasses may cause headaches. (If this occurs, we suggest getting a new lens prescription.)
  • The lenses must be cleaned for optimal eyesight. 

Eyesight Associates Can Help!

Are you starting to squint, experience eyestrain, or have frequent headaches? It may be time for visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses! Our team of eye doctors can discuss which aid would be best. Do you have questions? Give us a call: 478-923-5872.