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a woman puts a contact lens inWith roughly 45 million contact lens’ wearers in the United States, it’s no secret that this eyewear has helped many people maximize their eyesight! Whether your eye doctor just recommended visual aids or you have worn glasses for decades, we think you could benefit from contact lenses.

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Let’s dive into the advantages and potential disadvantages of contact lenses:

Contact Lenses Advantages

The advantages of contact lenses are numerous! Millions of people enjoy seemingly “invisible” eyewear through the use of contact lenses. Consider these advantages:

  • Contacts do not fall out easily.
  • The weather does not affect contact lenses as with eyeglasses (foggy).
  • Contact lenses are offered in different colors.
  • There are no obstructions or distortions with contact lenses, as they conform to the curvature of your eye.

If you’re interested in using contact lenses, you can talk to one of our eye doctors today. We want to help you see clearer and enjoy your everyday activities because of it!

Contact Lenses Disadvantages

The disadvantages of contact lenses are fluid, as some people may not view the following as disadvantages. When deciding if contact lenses are right for you, consider the following potential disadvantages:

  • Contact lenses should not be worn while sleeping.
  • They must be taken out and cleaned every day.
  • Wearers must be comfortable putting contact lenses into their eyes.
  • Contact lenses should be replaced every three months for optimal eye health.

The “disadvantages” listed above can be conquered through proper eyecare techniques and accurate information. Our eye doctors will gladly talk to you about the pros and cons of contact lenses and help you determine if they’re right for you! If you’re interested in wearing contact lenses, first discover how they work and how to properly clean them. Then, schedule an appointment with Eyesight Associates: 478-923-5872!