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Young girl smiles with an eye patch on and holds her glasses in one handAmblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye, is a condition that affects roughly 2-3% of American children. Lazy eye can occur because one eye is more shortsighted or longsighted than the other or if the child has a squint. Fortunately, if caught early, there is a good possibility that the lazy eye can be corrected.

Treatment Options for a Lazy Eye

The treatment option for a lazy eye will depend on what is causing the problem. Factors such as blurry vision, age of the child, severity of the condition, and others, will be considered while deciding on what treatment is best.

Many children have been able to correct their lazy eye using an eye patch. The patch is placed over the good eye which forces the lazy eye to focus. In turn, this strengthens the lazy eye and helps correct the vision. If a child isn’t old enough to keep the patch on, prescription eye drops may be a good alternative.

It’s possible that your child’s sight problems can be corrected with glasses. If so, the optometrist will discuss what prescription lenses are necessary to correct the issue.

Good-to-Know Information for Parents

Did you know that the most important years of eye development occur from birth to age 7? Make sure you are scheduling regular appointments for your child, so if there is an issue, it can be treated promptly.

Lazy eyes are not always obvious. Children may not realize they have a lazy eye; they might think that the way they see is normal. To improve your child’s vision, its best to take your child to an optometrist for regular eye exams at an early age. The optometrist can diagnose the issue and create a treatment plan to correct the lazy eye.

Your child’s first years in school can also be an indicator of her eye health – good or bad. If you see her grades suffering or she expresses a lack of enthusiasm about classroom learning, it may be because she can’t see well!

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