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Smiling elderly woman holding kitchen towel in handsIf you are visually impaired, your everyday life may be challenging. At Eyesight Associates, we focus on your remaining vision and uncover ways to help you maximize what is still available. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do to make your everyday life easier if you are visually impaired:

Use Low Vision Aids

Fortunately, there are aids that help people who are visually impaired. Your Eyesight Associates’ doctor can discuss different options with you and determine what would best benefit you. Many people have maximized their vision with the use of magnifying lenses, large-print objects, magnifiers, “talking” devices, absorptive filters, and more. By using these aids, you are reducing the strain on your eyes and helping your remaining vision thrive.

Make Your Home & Workplace Safe

If you are visually impaired, it’s important to make adjustments at home or work to ensure you don’t get injured! Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Decrease the amount of patterns in your home
  • Eliminate runners or anything that may cause you to trip
  • Implement bright colors that can be seen easily
  • Improve lighting
  • Reduce clutter

How Eyesight Associates Can Help

Because low vision is the third most commonly occurring physical impairment in older adults, our eye doctors care for many people who are visually impaired. When you make an appointment with one of our team members, he will conduct a low vision exam and create a management plan that will most benefit you.

After the initial exam and meeting, you and your doctor may meet several more times until improvement has been made. It’s not possible to regain lost eyesight, but our team works diligently to uncover ways to maximize your remaining eyesight.

Your eyesight is vital to everyday life! We are here to help you keep that precious gift. Contact us today with your questions.