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closeup shot of a man's eyeDid you know that photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) surgery is the second most common eye correction surgery in America? With so many people undergoing PRK surgery, you may be wondering how it differs from LASIK and why people are flocking to this procedure to correct their vision.

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The biggest different between LASIK and PRK surgery is that no corneal flap must be created before the cornea is reshaped. This is great news for people who regularly participate in physical activities that could result in an eye injury (i.e. sports). This is also why many people choose this procedure over LASIK, as it results in improved vision without the higher chance of experiencing eye injuries or LASIK flap dislocations.

PRK Surgery Steps

Now that you know a little more about PRK surgery, you are probably wondering what the surgery itself looks like. Discover the details:

  • Eye drops that have anesthetic medicine in them are applied to the eyes. This will numb the area which will provide comfort during surgery.
  • Your doctor will remove a central area of corneal epithelium. Depending on the situation, this may be done with a laser or manually.
  • Next, the underlying corneal must be reshaped. This is done with our incredible Allegretto Wave Eye-Q excimer laser.
  • Special eye drops are given to the eye. Your doctor will then cover your eye with a contact lens bandage.
  • Roughly one week later, the contact lens bandage is removed.

Our doctors have extensive experience performing PRK surgery and helping thousands of people have healthier vision! Our Eyesight Associates’ medical team will evaluate your eyes and discuss the appropriate treatment option for you. Are you ready to live your life with better vision? Contact us today to schedule an appointment!