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TearLab is an Osmolarity System used to test patients for Dry Eye Disease who experience itchy, dry, red eyes. Dry Eye Disease is a condition that can be easily overlooked as nothing more than an irritation. But, if these symptoms become constant, they can have a serious, long-term impact on the health of your eyes.

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The TearLab Osmolarity System works by collecting a tiny sample of tear fluid from the lower tear duct. Once this sample is collected, it will provide an osmolarity number. This osmolarity number is, essentially, a measurement of the salt in your tears. The measurement used is mOsm/L, or milliosmoles per liter. An osmolarity number up to 299 mOsm/L is considered normal, while a number above 300 is considered abnormal osmolarity and can mean a mild case of dry eyes. At 320 mOsm/L, it becomes moderate. At 340 the case becomes severe.

Another indicator of abnormal osmolarity is an inter-eye difference of greater than 8 mOsm/L. As is common in human anatomy, there are always bound to be some differences in measurement. Having an osmolarity number of 287 in one eye and 290 in the other is normal. However, having an osmolarity number of 290 in one and 310 in the other is considered abnormal.

If your eyes are irritated often, it’s important to have them examined by a doctor. What begins as a minor annoyance can eventually become a disease or damage in a very important part of the body. The TearLab Osmolarity System is not only an accurate way to measure and diagnose the dryness of your eyes, it’s also both simple and swift. Most patients experience absolutely no pain or discomfort and there’s no anesthesia required. Once your doctor has your number and knows the degree of your condition, a treatment plan can be devised to meet your personal needs and your dry eyes can find relief.

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