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dry eyesUnlike what the movies make you think, tears are more than just an emotional outlet. Tears actually play a huge role in the health of your eyes. When you suffer from dry eyes, your eyes are not getting enough moisture. This results in eye irritation and discomfort.

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Understanding tears and the dry eye condition is vital to knowing how to take appropriate action. Seeking treatment is the best option in order for your eyes to feel and look healthy.

Understanding the Importance of Tears

Did you know that you are constantly producing tears? They may not be running down your cheeks, but every time you blink, you are moistening your eyes. This moisture clears your eyes of any unwanted debris and enables you to see clearer and better.

Without a substantial amount of tears, your eyes could suffer from the dry eye condition. If you think you have dry eyes, consider what treatment options are available.

Factors that Contribute to Dry Eyes

This condition affects millions of people worldwide. The lack of tear production causes your eyes to be red, irritated, and swollen. This condition is due to a variety of reasons such as:

Age – Older people are more likely to have dry eyes than younger people.

Environment – Smoke and dry heat affects tear production.

Gender – Women are more likely to suffer from dry eyes than men.

Medical Reasons – Conditions such as lupus, arthritis, and diabetes are linked to dry eyes.

Medications – Certain drugs have been associated with the eye’s inability to produce tears.

Vitamin A Deficiency – Vitamin A plays an important role in your vision. A severe lack of Vitamin A could cause blindness.

If any of these factors pertain to your situation, contact us today. We can guide your eyes to healthy vision!