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2 different eyesPRK surgery and Lasek surgery have the same goal: correct the refractive error that is occurring within your eyes. Refractive errors take the form of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Our eyes have a clear outer layer called the cornea which focuses light. Because light is necessary to create images in the brain, if your cornea cannot focus light as it should, it will result in poor vision. Both PRK and Lasek surgery are great ways to correct your cornea, but both options entail different steps. Discover the details with both:

PRK Details

During PRK surgery, your eyes are numbed so you won’t feel any pain and your eyelids are held back so you do not blink. The surgeon will remove a thin layer of your cornea and shape your cornea to the correct size using a laser. Because your cornea must heal and grow back after surgery is complete, recovery does take anywhere from several days to one week. During recovery, you will have a bandage contact lens over your eye, sunglasses to wear anytime you are outside, and strict orders not to rub your eye.

Lasek Details

As with PRK surgery, your eyes are numbed so you won’t feel any pain and your eyelids are held back so you do not blink during Lasek surgery. Your eye surgeon will cut a thin layer from your cornea but will not remove it completely – think of it as still attached to your eye like a hinged door. While it’s laid to the side, your eye surgeon will use an excimer laser to correct your vision and reshape your cornea. Afterward, he will reposition the hinged flap back onto your eye. A bandage contact lens will be placed over your eye, and the same recovery instructions apply to Lasek patients as PRK patients. The recovery time is roughly the same – one week. (Note – Lasek surgery differs from Lasik surgery.)

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