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Low vision is a type of visual impairment, a condition that cannot be corrected through over-the-counter glasses or contact lenses. Sudden or gradual loss of vision can be overwhelming, and you likely have many questions. Our team of doctors are ready to help you see better! Discover the answers to several frequently asked questions about low vision.

What causes low vision?

There are many different reasons why a person’s vision becomes impaired. The most common reasons include medical (i.e. glaucoma), genetic (i.e. retinitis pigmentosa), congenital, or traumatic. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to partner with an Eyesight Associates’ doctor to help maximize your remaining vision.

Can it be treated?

Yes! When you visit an Eyesight Associates’ doctor, they will determine the cause of low vision and develop a treatment plan to save your remaining vision. The most common treatment option is implementing low vision aids such as special lenses, magnifiers, absorptive filters, and more. Through ongoing low vision care, your eye doctor will work with you to improve your vision.

Is low vision care and low vision aids expensive?

We always recommend patients talk to their insurance provider to see if the exam is covered. Most often, the low vision aids must be paid out-of-pocket.

Is it common?

While not bias only to the elderly, low vision issues affect people aged 65+ the most. After arthritis and heart disease, vision issues are the third most common physical impairment. Fortunately, our doctors are well equipped to help those suffering from vision impairment. We understand that lack of vision can negatively affect daily activities, and we’re here to help.

If your vision is hindering your daily activities, allow one of our friendly doctors to conduct an eye exam for you and discuss treatment options. Through ongoing low vision care, we’re confident we can help you see better which will help you live better!

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