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Patients who have significant amounts of astigmatism may want to consider and discuss with your eye doctor, your candidacy for a specialty implant called a toric intraocular lens. Astigmatism, which occurs due to a cornea that has a football rather than a basketball shape, can create blur and double images when viewing objects at any distance. Standard (monofocal), multifocal and accommodating IOLs can improve nearsightedness and farsightedness but not astigmatism.

Toric IOLs are uniquely designed to reduce astigmatism and may be an option for patients who are having lens exchange surgery with or without cataracts. To obtain the best vision without glasses following lens surgery, the Toric IOL is the best option for patients with significant astigmatism. Ask your eye doctor about astigmatism and if you would benefit from the Toric IOL technology.