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astigmatismsAstigmatism is often misunderstood as a disease or health problem. However, it is simply an error in the way your eye processes light. Don’t go another day suffering from this irritating condition. At Eyesight Associates, we have multiple ways we can fix your astigmatism!

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Children and adults alike can be born with or develop astigmatism. Many people have this eye issue and have chosen to correct it! Consider the following frequently asked questions to better understand the different aspects of this condition:

What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism occurs when your cornea is not shaped properly. Your cornea is the eye’s transparent, protective layer that protects your pupil from bacteria, particles, and other irritants. If your cornea is irregularly curved, it can disrupt the process of light transferring to your retina. This will cause blurry or fuzzy vision.

What are symptoms?

Common symptoms include squinting, headaches, and eye strain. Using prescription glasses may help the symptoms disappear. However, the experts at Eyesight Associates have more permanent solutions to solve your issues.

What treatments are available?

The severity of your condition will be a factor in which treatment you will receive. Some people find relief through special eyeglasses or contacts designed for an oval-shaped cornea. Others may want a more permanent solution such as PRK laser vision correction.

Can PRK laser vision correction fix my astigmatism?

Yes! If you have a regular astigmatism, PRK laser vision correction will most likely fix your vision problem. However, if you have an irregular astigmatism, we will help you find a better treatment option. After an initial consultation, we can determine if you are a candidate for PRK laser vision correction, and get you started on your way to better vision.

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