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eye allergiesSpring produces the most beautiful nature – trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and green grass is growing. But, with new growth comes pollen. This irritant causes thousands of Georgians to suffer from eye allergies each year. And, if you wear contacts, you may experience frustrating flare-ups more often. Fortunately, there are ways you can stay ahead of the pollen and enjoy this season. Check out these tips:

Clean Your Contacts

By properly cleaning your contacts, the lenses will be disinfected which will improve your vision. Don’t skip on cleaning your contacts, as air particles such as dust and pollen cling to contacts easily. Additionally, make sure to adhere to the recommended wear schedule. (Or, you can choose to wear glasses during high pollen-count days to avoid the frustration. Check out our optical shop.)

Wait for the Rain

Dry, windy days make for the perfect recipe to transport pollen far and wide. This fine particle can spread hundreds of miles on windy days! So, if you need to do yard work or gardening, wait until after a rain shower. This is the opportune time to be outside since the pollen has been washed out of the air.

Avoid Bringing Pollen Inside

Your home can be a safe haven when the outdoors is covered in pollen. So, to avoid bringing pollen indoors, keep your windows shut and minimize the time doors are open. Also, leave your shoes outside to avoid tracking pollen into the home where it can get lodged in carpet.

Eliminate the Threat

If you’ve been outside and your eyes are itchy, it’s likely that pollen has made its debut. When possible, rinse your eyes with plain water to eliminate the pollen that may have gotten in or around your eyes. Your eyes deserve the best. So, schedule an eye exam or checkup today with an Eyesight Associates’ doctor.

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