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On July 9, Dr. Johnny Gayton headed to Chennai, India for one of the world’s largest eye meetings, The Indian Intraocular Implant Society and Refractive Surgery Society meeting. Approximately 1,400 ophthalmologists from across the globe attended the convention to discuss the latest techniques and technology of intraocular implant and refractive surgery. The convention served as a platform for cataract and refractive surgery specialists to present their ophthalmic skills, share their expertise, and become updated on cataract and refractive surgery.

Dr. Gayton was elected to give lectures on “Improving Patients Satisfaction With Lifestyle Lenses”, “Enhancing Quality of Life in Visually Impaired ARMD Patients Through Apodized Diffractive IOLs”, and “Toric IOL Efficacy in Improving Uncorrected Pseudophakic Visual Acuity.” The main focus of his lectures were to maximize vision with cataract surgery. With experts, like Dr. Gayton, sharing their knowledge of ophthalmic care, patients can benefit worldwide. It is thought that nine million people are blind because of cataracts in India.

Health minister V. S. Vijay, who inaugurated the conference, presented awards to ophthalmologists who have made important contributions to eye care worldwide. Dr. Gayton was one of the honorees. He received a gold medal for his international contributions. Dr. Gayton stated, “I am here in Chennai, India, because I am doing what I love. I love being an agent for God’s grace in people’s lives through medicine and showing them love. I praise God for that. He has given me a love for people all over the world, and He entrusts me with helping care for that amazing creation known as the human body.”