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For local ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Johnny L Gayton of Eyesight Associates, 2011 is proving to be one of his best years ever! It is only January and he is in demand to lecture in dozens of U.S cities and five countries, including the Caribbean, Kenya, South Africa, Austria, and Southern India.  Over the last two years, Dr. Gayton has lectured in over 100 cities and five countries while continuing to work full time at Eyesight Associates in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Dr. Gayton is internationally known for launching the Toric lens in China and Hungary and introducing modern cataract surgery to Mongolia. His most recent lectures in China taught local surgeons how to improve surgical outcomes and decrease post operative complications. His expertise in premium lenses landed him on Premier Surgeon Magazine’s top 250 eye surgeons list. Dr. Gayton is widely regarded as one of the world’s experts in improving uncorrected vision during and after cataract surgery.

Dr. Gayton performs surgery at Eyesight’s Laser Surgery and Surgery Center in Warner Robins, GA. Eyesight Associates has always been on the forefront of improving cataract and refractive surgery results. Dr. Gayton and the team at Eyesight Associates are dedicated to improving eye care all over the world.