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If you have dry eyes, it’s likely that you suffer from itchiness, redness, and a stinging sensation daily. These symptoms can make everyday activities unbearable! When your eyes are not producing much-needed tears, the result can be dry eyes. It’s important to treat dry eyes, as it can lead to more serious problems.

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Before reaching for your eye drops, keep reading to find out if these dry eye myths are fact or fiction:

“My eyes are always watering, so I definitely don’t have dry eye.”

Although it seems like an oxymoron, watery eyes are a symptom of dry eye! When your eyes are severely dry, your brain sends a signal to your eyes to make more tears. Sometimes, an overproduction of tears occurs to overcompensate for the dryness.

“A humidifier will help my dry eye condition.”

Many people mistakenly believe that lack of moisture in the air is causing their dry eye condition to worsen. While dry air can definitely irritate your already dry eyes more, it is not the cause of chronic dry eyes. Chronic dry eyes must be treated professionally to successfully relieve symptoms.

“Eye drops will do the trick.”

This myth has partial truth to it. Yes, eye drops will help relieve your dry eye symptoms, but the eye drops should be prescribed by your Eyesight Associates’ doctor. Prescription eye drops can target the root of the problem instead of just symptoms (itchy, watery eyes). These drops can stimulate your eye’s ability to produce tears!

If you have this frustrating condition, we understand that daily activities can be unenjoyable. We want to help! The Eyesight Associates doctors can discuss treatment options with you to combat this issue. Schedule an appointment today.