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Like many other areas of human health, the subject of our eyes and vision is full of myths and incorrect facts that continue to spread. The following are a few common vision myths that have been repeated and spread so often that many people believe them.

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vision mythVision Myth 1: Eating carrots will improve your vision.

Fact: Carrots contain vitamin A, which is good for your eyes. However, unless you are suffering from a vitamin A deficiency (a rarity in the U.S.), carrots will not provide any noticeable improvements to your eyesight. There are other foods that are significantly better for your eyes.


Vision Myth 2: Reading in the dark will ruin your vision.

Fact: Trying to read in the dark will certainly make your eyes feel fatigued and irritate them, but it won’t cause any long-term damage.


vision mythVision Myth 3: Sitting too close to the television will ruin your eyes.

Fact: Sitting too close to the television will not ruin your eyes. Much like overuse of other screens, like computers and cell phones, it will cause your eyes to get fatigued and can make them dry and itchy. These symptoms have the potential to cause headaches as well.


Vision Myth 4: It’s okay to swim in contact lenses.

Fact: A good rule of thumb for contacts is to never use any kind of solution other than the sterilized solution they’re meant to be used with. Getting pool water in your eyes while wearing contacts puts you at a serious risk of infection. Bacteria can potentially get stuck behind the contact against your eye.


Vision Myth 5: Your eyes can become dependent on glasses.

Fact: Your glasses will not change your eyes or make them dependent. They function by correcting blurry vision and do not weaken your vision. You simply grow accustomed to the clearer vision, making your vision without glasses seem worse.


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