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a woman holds up a pair of glasses to the camera lens to show focal differenceThere are several misconceptions about myopia floating around the Internet, making it difficult for people to know what to do if they suspect they have this condition. Allow us to debunk five myopia myths to help you see this topic clearly:

Myth #1: A person can control if they develop myopia.

Many people mistakenly believe that our eye-related habits can determine the course of myopia. Although bad habits such as extreme computer use or eye strain are bad for your eyes, they don’t cause myopia to develop. Myopia occurs based on genes and your environment.

Myth #2: Pinhole glasses will prevent myopia from evolving.

Pinhole glasses are glasses that have tiny holes in the lens. Its main function is to shield your eyes from indirect light. While these may be useful to protect your eyes, it has not been proven to prevent myopia from developing or evolving.

Myth #3: Eyewear will negatively affect myopia.

When you visit your eye doctor with your myopia concerns, he will determine what degree of nearsightedness you have. From there, he will determine what eyewear (glasses or contact lenses) will best help you. The right prescription eyewear can help, not hurt, your eyes!

Myth #4: Adults cannot develop myopia.

While myopia is more common among children, adults can develop myopia, as well. Nearsightedness can cause blurry vision, distorted vision, and headaches. So, if you are having trouble seeing objects far away, it’s important to talk to an eye doctor for professional care.

Myth #5: The only treatment for myopia is prescription eyewear.

Prescription eyewear can help your myopia, but it is not the only treatment! At Eyesight Associates, we have performed the excimer laser correction procedure to help those suffering with refractive errors. During this procedure, the excimer laser will improve the shape of the patient’s cornea and improve focus.

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