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If you’re having trouble seeing clearly and don’t want to wear glasses, contact lenses are a great option. Contact lenses are used by people who suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and other eye issues. The Eyesight Associates’ full-service optical shop has a variety of contact lenses for you to choose from.

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Caring For Your Contact Lenses

Taking proper care of your contact lenses is crucial for optimal eye health. By following a few general rules, you will be seeing clearly and feeling great. Consider the following tips:

Always Wash Your Hands

Before touching your contacts, make sure to wash your hands to eliminate any existing germs. If bacteria are on your hands when you put your contacts in your eye, it’s very possible your eyes will become irritated.

contact lensesUse Contact Solution

While water is readily available, it’s not safe to use to clean your contacts. Water can contain bacteria and cause eye infections if the bacteria cling to the contacts. Contact solution is the safest way to clean your contacts.

Clean Your Contact Lens Case

After every use, you need to clean your contact lens case to ensure that no bacteria are forming in it. This can be done by rubbing your finger along the inside of the case with fresh contact solution. (But first, wash your hands.) Then, turn it over to let it air dry. It’s important to replace your case every three months.

Take Your Contacts Out Before Bed

Your cornea relies on oxygen from the air. When you put contact lenses in, the flow of oxygen to your eyes is slightly affected. However, once you close your eyes to sleep, the flow is doubly affected. This can cause swelling and possible eye infections.

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