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A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens. This lens is extremely important because it helps us focus on an image. The lens, which is normally clear, can cause headaches and blurred vision if it is clouded. Fortunately, the Eyesight Associates professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in replacing this lens through cataract surgery.

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Usually, the first indication that a cataract is developing is blurry vision. Thankfully, cataract surgery can correct this vision by replacing the cloudy lens with a new lens. With Eyesight Associates, your eyes are in safe hands. We use the Catalys laser, a revolutionary technology for advanced laser cataract procedures.

What Causes Cataracts?

Most cataracts form as you age. However, diabetes and certain medications can contribute to the development of cataracts. Thankfully, most cataracts develop slowly. Initially, using bright lights or wearing glasses can help you see through the cloudy vision. However, if your vision worsens over time due to the cloudiness, cataract surgery may be necessary.

Are There Different Types of Cataracts?

The three most common cataracts occur in people over age 40. If you experience cataracts, you’re not alone. Over two million surgeries occur each year to correct problems due to cataracts. Three types of cataracts are:

  1. Subcapsular: The clouding occurs at the back of the lens. Usually, steroid medication and diabetes are the main causes.
  2. Nuclear: The clouding forms deep in the nucleus. Usually, this intense cataract is associated with aging.
  3. Cortical: The clouding occurs in the cortex (near the central nucleus). This cataract is characterized by a white opaqueness that forms in the border of the lens.

What Treatments are Available?

If you receive a cataract diagnosis, surgery is the only effective treatment. However, new eyeglasses and brighter lighting may improve the early symptoms of cataracts.

Don’t settle for cloudy vision! Your eyesight can be crystal clear after the help of Eyesight Associates.