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middle aged woman smiles for the camera in her glassesFrom babies to the elderly, anyone at any age can develop an astigmatism. In basic terms, an astigmatism is an error in the way your eye processes light. It’s not a disease or a very serious health problem, and thankfully, it can be corrected! Keep reading to discover frequently asked questions about astigmatisms.

How is an astigmatism diagnosed?

Your eye doctor will determine if you have an astigmatism by performing an eye exam. Once detected, your doctor will conduct a topography (a detailed map of your eye). This will help him determine the exact placement of your astigmatism and how he can best help you see past this issue.

Is an astigmatism treatable?

Yes! Depending on your preference, your eye doctor may suggest contact, eyeglasses, or surgery. If you’d like to try the first two options before you opt for surgery, that’s completely okay. If you decide that surgery is the route you’d like to take, he can discuss what that would entail and what you can expect from the results.

What causes an astigmatism?

Many people are born with an astigmatism. But did you know that an astigmatism can occur after an eye injury, eye disease, or other eye conditions? Concerning eye injuries, please make sure to wear safety glasses when you’re operating equipment, playing sports, or dealing with sharp objects.

How do I know if I have an astigmatism?

When an astigmatism is present, you will likely have headaches, eye strain, and squinting issues. If it becomes increasingly difficult to see without some sort of negative result, your eyes are trying to communicate that something is wrong.

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