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Springtime is the time for warmer days and beautiful blooms. But with these changes comes an increase of allergens, especially pollen. Eye allergies are very common during the spring and often lead to:

  • Itchy, swollen eyes
  • Burning, teary eyes
  • Light-sensitive eyes

To help protect your eyes from the pains of the season, we’ve provided a few suggestions you can implement in the next few months.

Avoid Springtime Allergens as Much as Possible

That’s easier said than done, especially in during the springtime in Georgia, but it is possible to take measures to decrease your encounters with the pollutants that lead to eye allergies throughout the season.

Keep your windows closed when the pollen index is high.

Pollen is one of the biggest irritants for those with eye allergies. By keeping the windows in your home or car closed, you will lessen your chances of encountering this allergy-inducing nuisance.

Run your AC in your car and home.

Allergens are water soluble and thrive in moisture-heavy air. By running your AC in your home or in your car, you are decreasing the amount of water in the air and therefore removing the environment that these pollutants survive in.

Shield Your Eyes

Eye protection is a great way to block springtime allergens from reaching your eyes. If you wear contacts, consider utilizing a pair of glasses throughout the spring months. Also wear your sunglasses whenever possible. Not only are you caring for your eyes in the sunlight, but you are also putting up a physical barrier between your eyes and airborne allergens.

Wash Your Hands and Face Frequently

Believe it or not, allergens can land on your hands or your face and linger there until they find their way to your eyes. If you have pollutants on your hands and touch your eyes before washing, you could soon experience eye allergy symptoms. Remove the possibility of this happening by cleaning your hands often and by washing your face at least once a day.

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