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Healthy vision is a crucial part of your everyday life. The better your vision is, the better you can see and observe the things you love. Not only is it important to have good vision, but it is also vital to evaluate and protect your eyes’ overall health.

Comprehensive eye exams allow patients to stay on top of their visual and ocular health. It’s essential to evaluate all aspects of your eyes on a routine basis, usually once every two years. If you haven’t had your eyes thoroughly examined in a while, here are some reasons why you should schedule your next exam in 2023:

Comprehensive Eye Exams Ensure Your Ocular Health

As part of your comprehensive eye exam, your ophthalmologist will perform a series of tests to check the health and function of your eyes. During your exam, you can expect to undergo the following:

  • Cover test to ensure your eyes are functioning together properly
  • Glaucoma test to check the pressure levels in each eyeball
  • Ocular motility test to reveal how well your eyes move
  • Pupil dilation to open the eye and reveal its internal health
  • Refraction test to determine a need for or change in prescription glasses or lenses.
  • Slit lamp test to show the structure of your eye and reveal any abnormalities
  • Visual acuity test to evaluate how sharp your eyesight is
  • Visual fields test check for peripheral vision issues or blind spots

Comprehensive Eye Exams Can Detect Serious Health Complications

Sometimes, serious diseases or health complications can go undetected. However, a comprehensive eye exam can reveal warning signs to your ophthalmologist, allowing you to seek further medical treatment.

Conditions that your ophthalmologist can detect in a comprehensive eye exam include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Certain cancers
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Comprehensive Eye Exams Check for Refractive Errors

Comprehensive eye exams usually end with a refractive test to check the sharpness of your vision. During this part of the examination, your doctor will determine if you need corrective eyewear or need to update your current eyeglass or contact prescription.

When it’s time to check in with your eyes, it’s time to visit Eyesight Associates.

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